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The Set Me Free Project is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring prevention education to youth and families to stop human trafficking before it begins.

Our curriculum is informative, interactive, and flexible – reaching students (3rd-12th grade), educators, parents and leaders in every facet of our communities.

​The Set Me Free Project™ is unique in our use of interactive, age appropriate curriculum in every presentation. We focus on defining human trafficking and helping students identify why and how they could be at risk. We provide a foundation for all students to recognize the intrinsic value in every human being. 



  1. Personal Value: We are committed to the belief that every person has value and deserves equitable treatment.

  2. Compassionate Prevention: We are committed to keeping youth safe through compassionate and empathetic prevention.

  3. Integrity: We are committed to personal and professional integrity, working individually and collaboratively.

  4. Striving for excellence: We are committed to boldly, yet humbly, striving for excellence.

  5. Creative Solutions: We are committed to finding creative solutions through ongoing education.

  6. Fun: We are committed to fun in everything we do.

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Founder and CEO

Stephanie Olson is a speaker, an author, a podcaster, and the CEO of The Set Me Free Project. 

Before founding The Set Me Free Project, Stephanie worked with women in the area of sexual and domestic violence, addition, and homelessness. She also worked with youth teaching healthy relationships. After seeing the realities of the world of human trafficking, she co-founded The Set Me Free Project. 

Stephanie has had extensive training, research, and study of human trafficking prevention education and social media safety. Stephanie also helps leaders build resilience. Her work on teaching resilience in leadership has inspired people across the United States with topics such as, leadership, trauma, a toxic workplace, mental health, resilience, and DEI. As a woman of color and a survivor of domestic and sexual violence, Stephanie brings lived experience, research, and humor to impact lives. She is a sought-after speaker on women, youth, human trafficking, and social media safety while leading The Set Me Free Project to help prevent youth and young adults from personally experiencing trafficking.  



Manager of Operations and Administration

​Erica is originally from Clarkston, Michigan, and relocated to Omaha in 2019. Before leaving Michigan, Erica worked in the On-Road Vehicle Testing Department at Roush Industries. She has a Master of Public Administration as well as a BA in Sociology from Oakland University. She has also earned a degree in Paralegal Studies from Oakland Community College. Erica has devoted her life to creating positive change globally and pursues educational, occupational, and volunteer opportunities that exemplify her values.

In addition to her work as the Manager of Administration for the Set Me Free Project, Erica is pursuing a certificate in Human Services from Metropolitan Community College. In her free time, she enjoys painting, baking vegan desserts, and spending time with her family.

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Marketing and Content Coordinator

Boone, Iowa native Jessica Andersen has spent much of her career as a Customer Experience Specialist, but she always knew that her life was meant for something more.
Jessica grew up within the foster care system and survived many years of trauma and abuse, but she didn't allow those challenges to defeat her; instead, she used them as empowerment to change the world.  Today, Jessica is The Set Me Free Project's Iowa Educator District Lead, providing youth with the tools they need to understand their intrinsic value and teach them to navigate challenges safely.
Along with her passion for providing prevention education to end human trafficking, Jessica is also a full-time mom. As a mother, she discovered that raising a child takes an entire village, which can be said to end human trafficking.  With each person receiving human trafficking prevention education, the village becomes bigger, and the world becomes safer for our children.
When not educating and leading her team of Iowa Educators, you can find Jessica sipping on an iced coffee while reading or watching a movie from her extensive DVD collection. However, her daughter is her greatest joy in life, and no book or movie could compare to spending time with her.



Operations Specialist

Nicole grew up on an acreage near Columbus, Nebraska and has extensive experience working with people of all ages in different settings. Her most recent work experience was with an organization that mentors domestic violence survivors, helping them to rebuild their lives after leaving an abusive partner. Through her years of work providing direct support to survivors, she witnessed firsthand how important prevention is. She believes that the more interactive prevention programming can be, the more impact it has on the audience, which is what drew her to The Set Me Free Project. Nicole brings with her the passion to end injustices and she wants to help achieve a world where all people can feel safe, respected, and valued and live free from violence and abuse.

Nicole’s hobbies include doing anything outdoors, practicing yoga, volunteering, and, most importantly, spending time with her family. One of the most rewarding things she gets to do every day is raise her son to live out the values she feels strongly about.


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Curriculum Specialist

Danielle is a Nebraska certified teacher with B.A. and M.Ed. degrees in Elementary Education. She is an experienced classroom teacher and administrator, with six years teaching Kindergarten and Pre-K and four years as a Curriculum Director, leading and training a staff of over 45 teachers. She has planned and implemented staff training on various topics, including child development, positive discipline, classroom management, language and literacy, and communication.

As Curriculum Specialist for The Set Me Free Project, Danielle currently develops curriculum and speaks to middle and high school students to prevent youth and young adults from ever experiencing human trafficking.

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Curriculum Coordinator

After graduating from University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in Education, Kim spent twenty years serving as a teacher in public, private, and home education classrooms. She has spent most of her adult life in Omaha, Nebraska where she’s raised a wonderful family with her husband of over three decades.   

Kim and her husband were first educated on the realities of Human Trafficking in 2013, and began their efforts to discover, support, and promote anti-trafficking and rescue organizations within the United States and across the world.  When Kim was invited to join The Set Me Free Project as the VISTA Curriculum Development Coordinator it was an exciting opportunity to put her talents as a writer and educator to work towards the vital work of trafficking prevention. The best way to end a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place.  

Through the continuing development of effective trafficking prevention curriculums and educational activities for  youth and adults, Kim is committed to decreasing the number of individuals involved in the tragedy of human trafficking, while also emboldening today’s youth and others to join in the effort. 




Kelly is a graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in Journalism and Speech Communication. She was raised in Des Moines, Iowa and has been married to her husband Abe for 27 years. She is a busy band mom and has two sons that are multi-instrumentalist. She enjoys all the music that her son’s perform!

Before coming to The Set Me Free Project, Kelly had many jobs including; working for a public TV station in Cleveland, Ohio, being a stay-at-home mom, being a Zumba and Mixxed Fit instructor and being a Mad Scientist. She currently continues to be a part-time event manager at her church.

Kelly enjoys working as a volunteer with Heartland Family Service and is on volunteer staff at her church, Relevant Community Church. She loves to help those in need and has a heart for volunteering. She has served as a mentor with Elkhorn Public Schools and is currently a mentor with TeamMates mentoring.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, singing in an adult choir, preforming community theater and enjoys crafting and puzzles

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Lindsey joined The Set Me Free Project in October 2021. As an Educator, she enjoys meeting new people and bringing awareness to the seriousness of human trafficking. Lindsey is a wife and mother to 3 kiddos ages 12, 10 and 8. She also works part-time as a fitness coach and events coordinator. Lindsey attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln where she studied Speech, Language and Pathology. In her free time she enjoys traveling, reading, interior decorating, spending time with my family.


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Retired Owner of
Swain Construction


Owner/Sole Practitioner, Shook
Books & Tax, LLC 


Learning & Development Facilitator, HR Consumer Banking Wells Fargo 

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Special Education Teacher,
CASA Volunteer


President, Omaha Police Officer Association


Attorney - Private Practice
Police Officer, Yutan Police Department

Former Teacher in the 
Behavioral Skills Program



Claire C - YAAB President

Jamison H - YAAB Vice-President

Madysen A- YAAB Secretary


Cami K - YAAB Board Member

Malerie B- YAAB Board Member

Campbell M - YAAB Member