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What We Do

Our Mission:

To bring prevention education to youth and families to stop trafficking before it starts.

We do this by providing knowledge on the importance of social media safety and human dignity. We equip youth, parents, and communities with the information to keep them safe and help them understand their value.

Youth & Young Adult Prevention Education

Schools and Youth Groups

We lead discussions for 3rd-12th grade students, providing them with strategies to prevent trafficking in their lives and the lives of their friends. We also educate on healthy relationships, social media safety, and personal responsibility.

Social Service & Industry Prevention Training

Educators, Corporations, and Staff

We present to businesses and provide training for their teams on the prevention of human trafficking. We also present to teachers, administrators, social service providers, mentors, and community members.


Prevention Training

Parents and Community

We speak to parents and community members on how to keep our children safe from the
reality of trafficking. We discuss dangers of social media and what warning signs to look for. 

Trafficking Stops With Me

At The Set Me Free Project,  we believe there is a big difference between awareness and prevention.
Awareness about sex trafficking is important,  but without the knowledge to prevent it, the problem will continue.
Prevention education gives communities the tools to recognize an individual being trafficked, the grooming of potential trafficked individuals and to lower and/or eliminate sex trafficking in their area.

It's all about prevention

The Set Me Free Project recognizes that awareness isn't enough. We must be educating ourselves on prevention so that we can stop human trafficking before it starts. 


With a "Y"

Read more about Sydney Loofe and the life she lived. Courtesy of her parents: George and Susie Loofe, with a special thank you to their good friend, Tammy Schindler. 

Our services

The Set Me Free Project is available to present to youth, educators, parents, communities, and more.

Learn more about the services we provide, how we educate, and our mission. 

Our mission statement is to bring prevention education to youth and families to stop trafficking before it starts.


We do that by bringing prevention education to students, parents, teachers, human services providers, businesses, and the community at large. We know there is a big difference between awareness and prevention education. Awareness is important to expose the widespread issue of human trafficking across our nation. Prevention education is necessary to eradicate human trafficking before it starts by preventing the influx of individuals being trafficked. 

Prevention equals protection. Through prevention education, our community members learn the tools to identify trafficked individuals, potential trafficked individuals, and traffickers; and have the knowledge they need to respond appropriately when it happens. They become empowered to protect themselves and others. 

Our vision is to see human trafficking eradicated by providing every child, parent, educator, professional and community member with prevention education. To provide knowledge and tools required to protect. 

Who We Are

Help Prevent Human Trafficking

The Set Me Free Project runs primarily on love and hope. Every bit of support we can get is warmly welcome, and our supporters have a reputation for donating whatever they can. Do you want to help keep the fight going so we can continue to do what must be done? Contribute today and make a difference!

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