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You have to know what human trafficking is
before you can stop it.

Human Trafficking is any scenario where the use of force, fraud, or coercion compels another person to engage in labor or a commercial sex act.

Anyone can be trafficked. 

Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking can happen online or offline, and by a stranger or by someone you trust. Anyone can be trafficked, regardless of their age, sexual orientation, or gender.

Familial Trafficking

Trafficking happens everywhere, even at home by trusted family members who exploit vulnerability and manipulate people into situations they can't escape. 

Labor Trafficking

Red flags for labor trafficking include requiring excessively long or unusual hours, low pay or withheld wages, exploitative or abusive conditions, and illegal activities.

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Do you know the red flags to watch for?


Watch out for the following warning signs:

  • They become increasingly isolated from friends and family

  • They have an unhealthy relationship with someone in a perceived position of power

  • Their communications or movements are being controlled

  • They show signs of physical abuse or emotional distress

  • They are forced into activities against their will, such as sex acts

You can help. Join us in our prevention education efforts during Human Trafficking Awareness Month and beyond.

We invite you to join us by utilizing and sharing the information and resources in this toolkit. Don't forget to follow The Set Me Free Project on social media for more information on prevention education.

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You have to know what trafficking is before you can stop it. Help us put age-appropriate prevention education in every school.