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YAAB Board READY To Stand Curriculum The Set Me Free Project


We are pleased to announce that applications are available to join The Set Me Free Project's ® Youth Advisory &Action Board (YAAB) for the 2023-2024 school year!
Members on the Advisory Board will help The Set Me Free Project ® keep up-to-date on the latest high school social media trends, provide input to various aspects of The Project's curriculum and presentations, and serve as leaders against human trafficking in their community. We are looking for motivated high-school students who have a passion for education, legislation, grant writing, health, safety, and community.
By joining The Set Me Free Project's ® Youth Advisory & Action Board, students can develop leadership skills, gain hands-on experience with education curriculum, help grow awareness in their own communities, and gain valuable professional experience.
We are looking for students from every area in the Midwest. BIPOC and LGBTQ+ students encouraged to apply. Please contact us at or (402) 521-3080 if you have any questions. 


What is your home geographic area?**
With which gender identities do you most identify? (Choose all that apply)**
With which racial and ethnic group(s) do you identify? (Choose all that apply)**

**The Set Me Free Project wants its Youth Advisory Board to reflect the diverse demographics of students attending schools throughout the region. We desire representation from a wide array of diversity factors to ensure that our Youth Advisory Board gives voice to many different perspectives. Information reported on this form will be kept confidential and will not be used in a descriminitory manner when choosing YAB members. Answering these questions is not a requirement to be chosen as a YAB member and will not affect your YAB application. 

Thanks for applying for the YAAB Board! We will be in touch soon!

Thank you for submitting an application for the Youth Advisory Board! We are currently reviewing applicants and will reach out to you via email or phone once decisions have been finalized. Please give us a call at (402) 521-3080 if you have any questions about your application.

From May 1 until July 31st, The Set Me Free Project ® will be accepting applications for

our Youth Action and Advisory Board (YAAB). As a High School student, being a part of the

YAAB Board offers great opportunities to get experience with grant writing, develop leadership

skills, and even learning how nonprofit organizations work! We are looking for individuals who

are passionate about our goal of preventing human trafficking and willing to dedicate time to our

mission. The application process will begin by filling out the application linked below. After filling

out the application, a current YAAB member will contact each applicant about setting up a time

for an interview over Zoom. We will ask each applicant questions about themselves, as well as

why they believe they’re a good fit for our Board and why they are passionate about The Set Me

Free Project’s mission. The YAAB Board presents many opportunities to its members such as

creating and reforming educational content, planning events, and experiencing what running a

nonprofit organization is like. We hold our regular meetings over Zoom, thus making the board

accessible to people from many geographical locations. We are often very flexible with our

meeting times to ensure the most people can attend. We ask that if you apply, you are willing to

put in effort to attend meetings and add contributions to events and the organization as a whole.

The people at The Set Me Free Project ® are incredibly welcoming and fun to work with. We are a

family and confident that any applicant is sure to love this community. We’re so excited to meet

new potential members and encourage everyone who’s interested to apply!

~The Youth Advisory & Action Board

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