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Request a Trainer

Our training programs are tailored to fit the needs of each organization or business, providing a comprehensive overview of the issues related to human trafficking, social media safety, and healthy relationships. We offer workshops and trainings where your team will learn prevention strategies, identification of a trafficked individual, risk identification and assessment, and response and disclosures. We strive to ensure that our trainings are interactive and engaging, covering the latest research and best practices in the field. Additionally, we provide follow-up support and resources to ensure that our partner organizations are equipped to effectively prevent and respond to human trafficking. We are committed to empowering organizations or business with the tools and knowledge needed to help prevent and combat human trafficking.

Request a Speaker

Do you need a speaker for your next event?  The Set Me Free Project can help make your event successful by providing a speaker to speak on a wide range of important topics. Our experienced speakers are experts in their field, with lived experience, and can provide a unique and inspiring perspective on topics such as sexual and domestic violence, human trafficking, and healthy relationships. Even with a tough topic, our speakers inspire and encourage and make sure that the right message is delivered to your audience to ensure an impactful experience. Our goal is to ensure your event is a success, and with our team of speakers, we can make that happen.

Trainings and Workshops:

Time tailored to your schedule
In-person & Virtual Options Available

  • What is Sex Trafficking?

  • What is Labor Trafficking? 

  • Realities of trafficking in your community

  • Why do we talk about consent and human trafficking?

  • Helping your youth safely navigate social media and online gaming

  • Teaching the importance of honoring consent in others

  • Activating critical thinking skills with youth and their devices

  • Engaging youth in their own safety plans

READY to Stand Trainings for adult can be for:

  • Educators

  • Law Enforcement Agencies 

  • First Responders

  • Social Service Providers 

  • Parent & Guardian Groups 

  • Healthcare Professionals 

  • Retail & Food Service Employees 

  • Religious Organizations 

  • PTA Groups

Are you interested in our
Hotel Motel Training Program? 
Learn more here! 

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