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Countdown to Summer

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Keeping kids safe online.

This school year has been filled with new experiences as we’ve adapted to the many changes and challenges happening around us. Our educators have stood up to these challenges and have educated over 9,000 individuals on the prevention of human trafficking this year. We know that to continue to do our part in helping to preserve the safety of our youth, we must put our focus and attention on the issues that matter most to families, such as keeping kids safe online.

In the summertime, our kids spent more time at home and have bigger gaps between activities. Keeping our kids entertained is an age-old challenge that has withstood the test of time. We’ve all heard it, that dreaded “I’m bored” “There’s nothing to do!” whine in our children’s voices, causing us to panic a little bit while we struggle between the want to find things for them to do and the need to get our own to do lists done.

Little did we know, a mysterious superhero has swooped in and saved our children – and us - from this unavoidable dilemma. But has it? The mysterious superhero in question - the internet – constantly keeps us guessing if it’s the villain or the hero. And, as it turns out, it can be both at any given moment.

The internet can be an educa