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Fabulous SMFP Merch!

This past spring, The Set Me Free Project’s 2022 Youth Action and Advisory Board (YAAB) was finalized and got to work by designing a hoodie they felt encapsulated the feeling the Set Me Free Project wants everyone to have! After many meetings and a thorough editing process, the “YAABers” designed the back of the hoodie to read as follows: “Dear Person Behind Me, I’m here to remind you that your intrinsic value cannot be diminished. You are priceless. Sending Love, The Set Me Free Project.” This saying spoke to all members of the YAAB Board, as it reminds everyone that regardless of lived experience and what makes you unique, you will always have intrinsic value that cannot be changed. Finding and having confidence in yourself throughout hardships—and even daily life—allows you to have the mindset that you will always be priceless. This mindset leads to decreased anxiety, depression, and even human trafficking rates. Interested in purchasing a hoodie? Navigate to Thank you so much for supporting The Set Me Free Project — you’re changing lives!

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