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READY to Stand Curriculum™

Stop Human Trafficking Before it Starts!

The Set Me Free Project™ was founded on the belief that every person can take a stand against human trafficking. Using research-based methods, our READY to Stand Curriculum™ engages participants in meaningful and fun activities designed to inform and empower. Our READY to Stand Curriculum™ offers age-appropriate presentations for learners of all ages. 

All READY to Stand Curriculum™ include:

  • You are unique and that means you have value just like everyone else

  • 4 characteristics of a trustworthy person - Are you a trustworthy person?  What about the people you know?

  • The connection with social media and gaming

  • Asking for and honoring consent

  • Are you READY To Stand? What's your safety plan?

  • Be advocates for one another

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Elementary Level 1

​Recommended for Grades K - 4 

  • What is value and why is it unique to every person?

  • Assessing the trustworthiness of online information and activity

  • Be aware of what you share

Elementary Level 2

Recommended for Grades 5 & 6

  • How do you know a person online and are they trustworthy?

  • Practicing consent at home, at school, and everywhere

  • Bullying and cyberbullying - treating others with value

  • Upstander - your superpower



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Sex Trafficking Level 1

Recommended for Grades 7 & 8

  • Intro to sex trafficking - why we talk about it

  • Thinking beyond kidnapping and assault

  • Understanding the process - relationship building

  • Identifying risk factors and protective factors in ourselves

  • Consent and bodily autonomy

Sex Trafficking Level 2

Recommended for Grades 9 -12

  • Sex trafficking -what does it look like here?

  • Elements of human trafficking, types of human trafficking

  • Trafficker, predator, or someone you know?

  • Risk factors and protective factors

  • Exercising the consent muscle


Social Media Level 1

Recommended for Grades 7-10

  • Understanding the positives and negatives

  • Gaming - safe, right?

  • Our brains: online and IRL

  • What does your post say about you?

  • Nude request - what now?

  • What's your online seatbelt?

Social Media Level 2

Recommended for Grades 11 & 12

  • Are you stronger than your phone?

  • Dating Apps

  • Digital wellness challenge

  • Social media and human trafficking: the connection

  • Meeting IRL

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Healthy Relationships 1

Recommended for Grades 7 & 8

  • Healthy relationships vs. unhealthy relationships

  • Abuse within a friendship or peer

  • Consent in our daily lives

  • Setting and honoring boundaries

  • Trustworthy people

  • Being a healthy friend 

Healthy Relationships 2

Recommended for Grades 9-12

  • Healthy relationships vs. unhealthy relationships

  • Types of abuse

  • Consent in our daily lives

  • Setting and honoring boundaries

  • Trustworthy people

  • Being a healthy partner



Recommended for Grades 9-12

  • Labor trafficking -what does it look like here?

  • The 3 types of labor trafficking

  • Safe labor practices and warning signs at work

  • Recruiting tactics of traffickers

  • Informed consent and labor trafficking



Cindy at Youth Presentation.jpg

Adult Presentations

 Recommended for all adult groups
Time tailored to your schedule
In-person & Virtual Options Available

  • What is Sex Trafficking?

  • What is Labor Trafficking? 

  • Realities of trafficking in the Midwest

  • Why do we talk about consent and human trafficking?

  • Helping your youth safely navigate social media and online gaming

  • Teaching the importance of honoring consent in others

  • Activating critical thinking skills with youth and their devices

  • Engaging youth in their own safety plans

Past participants in READY to Stand Curriculum™ adult presentations include:

  • Educators

  • Law Enforcement Agencies 

  • First Responders

  • Social Service Providers 

  • Parent & Guardian Groups 

  • Healthcare Professionals 

  • Retail & Food Service Employees 

  • Religious Organizations 

  • PTA Groups

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To stop human trafficking before it starts, effective trafficking prevention education is a necessity
and that is exactly what we provide!

For school age learners, the ideal way to meet this need is through the purchase of the Ready to Stand Curriculum™. 

Our comprehensive K-12 curriculum, along with the excellent training provided by our experienced trainers,
enables you to provide the necessary prevention education while becoming the consistent, safe adult students need. 

If you would still prefer a presentation by our experts for your organization, please contact us below so we can
discuss possible options.

For adult presentations, please invite us to your community, parents' group, business, or via webinar or
Zoom meeting so that we may educate you.

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