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Join Us for Human Trafficking Prevention Month!

January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month. The Set Me Free Project invites you to join us all month long as we challenge our neighbors and communities to take a stand against human trafficking!

How to Participate:

January 4th-31st Wear Blue Challenge (Will Stephanie get a pie in the Face?!)

Are you up to the challenge? Let's raise awareness of human trafficking and start conversations about how we can prevent it! Simply post a photo or video of yourself wearing blue on Facebook with the hashtags #WhyWearBlue #WearBlueDay #NationalHTAMonth and encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same.

If we can get at least 100 tags with the #WhyWearBlue hashtag by January 31st, our CEO Stephanie Olson, will get pied in the face on Facebook live!

January 11 Facebook Livestream with Stephanie and Yolanda

January 11th is National Human Trafficking Prevention Day. To mark the occasion, the hilarious and knowledgable duo that is Stephanie and Yolanda from The Set Me Free Project will be going Live on Facebook to discuss interesting and important topics in the world of human trafficking prevention.

January 1st-31st What are the facts?

There's a lot of misinformation about human trafficking out there. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as we take time this month to debunk the myths and explain the facts in human trafficking prevention!


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