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Quarantine Tips

Quarantine is not ideal for anyone. Being a junior myself, my life has definitely changed a lot because of the coronavirus: the June SAT is cancelled, I won’t get my first prom, and school might not start until 2021. But given all of this, I am so grateful that I’m able to stay at home and spend time with my family at a time like this. But if you are ever looking to get away from your family’s tenth game of monopoly, I have a couple ideas on how you can get through this “stay-at-home spring.”

1. Exercise!

  • Yes, I know this isn’t at the top of everyone’s list, but it is on mine. Seriously, this long break is a great time to get in shape or get more comfortable with your body. My sister and I have been doing a 10-minute ab workout everyday (and it makes me feel way less guilty when I get seconds of ice cream). But really, there are some great workouts out there to target every part of your body. A couple YouTube channels that I found to be helpful are Chloe Ting and MadFit (who does workouts to popular songs). ​

2. Take free online classes.

  • I did say that this was going to be a list of ways to entertain yourself during quarantine, but that doesn’t mean learning can’t be fun. Renowned universities, like Harvard and MIT, are offering free classes for people during this time. Websites like ClassCentral and Coursera have free courses and certificates in many different subject areas. Just find something that you're interested in and get started.

​3. Binge watch your favorite show.

  • This is the one everyone was waiting for: NETFLIX. There’s nothing wrong with binge watching a couple episodes (or two seasons) of your favorite show. We all need a break from online work and learning, so sometimes it’s fun to curl up with a bag of chips and watch your favorite show. If you don’t have a streaming service, you can still entertain yourself! Many streaming services, such as Apple TV and Amazon Prime, are offering free movies and TV shows for everyone to watch, whether or not you have a subscription.

4. Curl up with a good book.

  • With everything being online now, it is still nice to always go old-fashioned every once and a while. That’s why I encourage you to read something. I find it very comforting to have something tangible during this time. Grab a comforting book that you know front to back or read the book that your dad recommended to you years ago. And if you don’t have a personal library, there are many free books online. Apple Books and Amazon Prime are just a couple of the places that you can get free online books from.

5. Volunteer!

  • Volunteering is one of the kindest things that you can do during quarantine. It’s not only fun and rewarding for you, but you’re giving back to others in the process. Get some friends together to sew masks for your local hospital or volunteer virtually with the Red Cross.

6. Blog/Vlog

  • I got some inspiration from David Dobrik on this one: start a YouTube channel! This is the perfect time to create relatable content for an audience that is just as bored as you are. Start a baking channel where you make viral recipes or do fun challenges with your family. If your camera is shy, start a blog. Create a free, eye-catching website with Wix or Google Sites and get writing! The possibilities are endless.

While quarantine is not ideal, we can all take steps to ensure our sanity during this time. Whether that’s adding a quick walk into your daily routine or spending some time learning a new skill, do something that helps you to feel better.

**Written by our school-aged volunteer.**

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