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Why is it hard to support prevention?

The difference between awareness and prevention is like a trip to the dentist. Imagine going to the dentist and having him tell you that you have tooth decay but then offering no way of fixing it. He simply sends you home with the knowledge that your tooth is probably going to decay even more. I am fairly certain you would soon find a new dentist! A good dentist would tell you that you have tooth decay and then offer you options to have it fixed. He would also add a few prevention techniques, such as brushing while singing the ABC's through three times and flossing after each meal.

See? By understanding the proper steps to preventing a problem, you greatly reduce the chances of there being a problem in the first place. Awareness is knowing the problem exists, period. Prevention is knowing it exists and having a plan to stop it.

Prevention has taken a front-row seat for the past several years. We have programs to prevent disease, drug abuse, accidents, and domestic abuse , and those are just a few. All of these preventive measures are funded each year because we understand their importance. We have knowledge that proper education can lead to a decrease in dangerous or unhealthy decisions today, which will, in turn, impact the future. So why is it different with human trafficking?

I believe we need to begin to look at human trafficking with the same prevention-minded focus. We don't want to be like the bad dentist described earlier. We are aware that trafficking is happening and that we need to do something to help these victims, so why aren’t we taking measures to prevent it from happening in the first place? Our mission at The Set Me Free Project is to use prevention education to youth and families to stop trafficking before it starts. This is what we do every day, and we know that we are making a difference. But the question we have is why is it hard to garner financial support behind this—why is prevention not being supported on a broader level?

We have two theories:

  1. People often don’t recognize the priority of prevention because they don’t understand how critically important it is and how astoundingly beneficial it can be to the lives of youth. We have example after example of students, parents, educators, and more expressing how important our message is after hearing it. But until they hear one of our presentations, people simply don’t understand the value.

  2. Prevention isn’t as passion-evoking or as tangible as victim services. Now, we want to continue what we started; we want to expand with controlled, smart growth to be able to educate in all 50 states. But without funding, that won’t, and can’t, happen. We never charge a fee to present. If we account for what we need to keep our Project running, this is what our costs are:

  • $300 per presentation

  • $15 per student

  • $300,000 per year for our staff, operations, and travel expenses

Did you know that 80 percent of your donation goes directly to delivering our education program at no cost to those we serve?

But we can’t continue to do what we do and deliver the impact we need to deliver without consistent individual donors. We need you! What preventive steps will you take to help stop human trafficking?

You can make a difference today by donating in three simple ways!

Donate today by:

  • Taking out your phone and text STOP IT to 443-21 to give any amount and/or become a monthly donor

  • Visiting our website and giving online at https://www.setmefreeproject.net/give any amount and/or become a monthly donor

  • Sending a check to us at 11620 M Circle Omaha, Nebraska 68137

If every one of our supporters gave us just $10 we would have over $35,000, and can you imagine how many individuals we would be able to serve?

YOU can make a difference in the lives of youth and families! Please help us continue this work and donate today!

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