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Spooky szn 👻

Halloween is upon us, the season of spooky costumes and frightful trips to haunted houses. But at The Set Me Free Project, we are not scared of clowns and ghosts. We are scared that our youth are at risk to be trafficked.

They are trafficked not by people who are hiding out in the woods, wearing a mask, or creeping in white vans; but people that wear disguises over their personalities. People that act as if they have our youths’ best interests at heart, but in reality, are tricking and deceiving youth into trusting them, building relationships, and manipulating them into a lifestyle of not believing in their own value.

In this spooky szn of tricks and treats, remind your children to not be tricked into a life that promises treats. Because we know how traffickers work. We know they talk to youth online, they pretend to be someone sweet, and then they manipulate and deceive youth into being trafficked. We are all at risk, but through prevention education, we are not spooked as easily.

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