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Summer has flown by, and The Set Me Free Project is getting ready to begin a fantastic new school year! Our mission – to bring prevention education to youth and families to stop trafficking before it starts – is both a privilege and a responsibility. With this responsibility comes the knowledge that too many people are still unaware of the enormous scope and size of the sex trafficking industry. This $150 billion business threatens to hurt our children every day. Unfortunately, it can find them the places we believe they are safest – at school, sports, and clubs. So what can we do? EDUCATE!

Educate Students...every student, everywhere, because ANY student can be at risk of being trafficked.

Students need the knowledge and tools to identify how and why they could be at risk. Students need a foundation of value and healthy relationships. The Set Me Free Project gives students the information they need to make safe choices about relationships, social media, and to protect themselves from predators seeking them harm.

Educate Parents, Foster Parents, Guardians, and Adults in every industry… because we know that you are your child’s first teacher and best advocate, we want to help you ensure their safety.

We offer a variety of presentations for adults. Whether you are currently parenting or caring for children, or you work in an industry – social service, medical, financial, etc. We know that you can benefit from the vital information we offer, and use it to prevent and fight sex trafficking within your daily life.

Educate teachers…because you choose to teach, protect, and love your students every day.

You know that in order for a child to succeed academically, they must also have the tools to succeed socially and emotionally, so that they make healthy decisions. We want to educate your students, but we also want to give you the knowledge and tools through our presentations, to ensure that every one of your students is safe in the real world and online. We want to ensure that students are protected from human traffickers.

Over the course of the school year, students will spend roughly 1,000 hours learning reading and literature, math, science, social studies, and much more. We hope that The Set Me Free Project will also be an integral part of student, parent, and teacher education this year, helping to assure safe and healthy futures for every individual.

Please contact us at any time to schedule a presentation, and we look forward to a fantastic 2019-20 school year!

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