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I don’t need to tell you how amazing and valuable your kids are. They are special. You love them. I know…I’m a mom. And those of you who have teenagers know there is nothing more difficult than raising these incredible kids in our social media driven society.

So, how do we keep our kids safe? Can I just tell you, I am so grateful we didn’t have social media when I was a kid! Yowza! But our kids do have social media and they are finding their self-worth in how many followers they have and how many likes they get. Do they know how to stay safe?

I was at a school talking about social media safety and what I heard from the kids wasn’t news to me, however, it scares me to death every time I hear it. Over 50% of the kids had over 400 friends/followers on social media (after 200 followers the rate of cyberbullying and victimization increases tremendously). At least 30% of the kids would meet someone in person they met online if asked. Over 60% had friends/followers they didn’t know.

After this class I did my own little social media experiment. I picked a high school gal that I am “friends” with on social media. In three clicks I found out this information on her:

Full name (First, Middle, Last)

Birthdate and age


Best friends – how many and names

Favorite Song


Number of siblings

Where she wants to go on vacation

That she gets upset easily

Zodiac sign

Favorite food

That she’s a virgin

That she has a crush on someone

Snapchat screen name

The church she attends

Her high school

Where her mom works

Where mom went to high school

Wow. That’s a lot of information that a predator can use against one child.

So, my question to you is do you know how to protect your children? We are going to share some things to look for in our upcoming blogs. You don’t need to live in fear in the social media driven age. Be empowered and know how to protect your children.

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