READY to Stand curriculum

The Set Me Free Project was founded on the belief that every person can take a stand against human trafficking. Using research-based methods, our READY to Stand curriculum engages participants in meaningful and fun activities designed to inform and empower. Our READY to Stand Curriculum offers age-appropriate presentations for learners of all ages. 

all ready to stand  presentations include:

  • You are UNIQUE and that means you have value just like everyone else!

  • 4 Characteristics of a trustworthy person - Are YOU a trustworthy person?  What about the people you know?

  • The connection - Social Media/Gaming

  • Asking for and Honoring Consent

  • Are you READY To Stand? What's your safety plan?

  • Be advocates for one another!


Elementary presentations 

Elementary Level One 

Recommended for Grades 3 & 4 

60 Minutes

In-person & Virtual Options available 

  • What is value and why is it UNIQUE to every person?

  • Assessing the trustworthiness of online information and activity.

  • Be aware of what you share!

Elementary Level two

Recommended for Grades 5 & 6 

60-90 Minutes

In-person & Virtual Options available 

  • How do you KNOW a person online and are they TRUSTWORTHY?

  • Practicing consent at home, at school and everywhere.

  • Bullying and Cyberbullying - Are we treating others with value?

  • Upstander - Your Superpower!


sex trafficking presentations for youth

sex trafficking level one 

Recommended for Grades 7 & 8  

90 Minutes

In-person & Virtual Options available 

  • Intro to Sex Trafficking - Why we talk about it

  • Thinking beyond kidnapping and assault

  • Understanding the Process - Relationship building

  • Identifying risk factors and protective factors in ourselves

  • Consent & Bodily Autonomy

sex trafficking level two

Recommended for Grades 9 -12   

90 Minutes

In-person & Virtual Options available 

  • Sex Trafficking - What does it look like here?

  • Elements of Human Trafficking, Types of Human Trafficking

  • Trafficker, Predator, or someone you know?

  • Risk Factors and Protective Factors  

  • Exercising the consent muscle

social media

social media level one 

Recommended for Grades 7-10

90 Minutes

In-person & Virtual Options available 

  • Understanding the Positives and Negatives

  • Gaming - Safe, right? 

  • Our Brains: Online and IRL

  • What does your post say about you?

  • Nude Request - What now?

  • What's your online seatbelt?

social media level one 

Recommended for Grades 11 & 12

90 Minutes

In-person & Virtual Options available 

  • Are you stronger than your phone?

  • The Power of a Like

  • Digital Wellness Challenge

  • Social Media and Human Trafficking: The Connection

  • Meeting IRL


adult presentations


adult presentations

Recommended for all adult groups

Time tailored to your schedule

In-person & Virtual Options available 

  • What is Sex Trafficking?

  • Realities of Trafficking in the Midwest

  • Why do we talk about consent and human trafficking

  • Teaching the importance of honoring consent in others

  • Activating critical thinking skills with youth and their devices

  • Engaging youth in their own safety plans

Past participants in READY to Stand adult presentations include:

  • Educators

  • Law-Enforcement Agencies 

  • Social Service Providers 

  • Parent & Guardian groups 

  • Healthcare Professionals 

  • Retail & Food Service Employees 

  • Religious Organizations 

  • PTA groups. 

coming soon!

The Set Me Free Project is excited to announce the following presentations will be be available soon:

Healthy Relationships 

Labor Trafficking 

READY to Stand against trafficking?

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