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For the first time!
We are offering our READY to Stand Curriculum™ for purchase to schools!
And more agencies! 

How do you get READY To Stand Curriculum™ in your school?
It's as simple as 1 2 3!
1. Decide how many facilitators you need for your school.
2. Contact us.
3. Let us do the training of your facilitators! 

Your school benefits by having students that recognize that they have an intrinsic
value that cannot be changed, relevant and updated, and unique curriculum,
ongoing support from The Project team, and multiple curricula
wrapped in one package!

To see our simple pricing structure, click here!


   Trafficking stops with us…and with YOU!

“When we, as individuals, recognize our intrinsic value we respect ourselves and require respect from others. When we, as individuals, value each other, we can only treat them with respect. We can’t bully them, and we certainly can’t sell them. And so, our curriculum was written with the foundation of telling our youth that YOU HAVE VALUE. That’s what they need to know.” 

 ~Stephanie Olson, Founder and CEO of The Set Me Free Project™

  • The Set Me Free Project’s™ proprietary READY to Stand Curriculum™ is now available to purchase for your school, organization, business, or community!


  • READY to Stand Curriculum™ engages participants in meaningful and fun learning designed to inform, empower, and stop human trafficking before it begins.


  • Individualized curriculum designed for all ages and needs, READY to Stand Curriculum™ is based on a foundation of value and an irrefutable belief that every human being deserves respect and dignity. 




The READY to Stand Curriculum™

  • Is the only trafficking prevention curriculum designed to educate EVERYONE - elementary, middle, and high school students, college age, and adults in every facet of our communities.

  • Is designed to be open-ended, easily customizable, and flexible for students’ and teachers’ needs.

  • Provides all the content, training, and support YOU need to successfully teach students of all ages, developmental levels, genders, ethnicities, sexual identities, and socio-economic backgrounds about human trafficking prevention, including:

    • In-person training for all facilitators

    • On-line training (at your own pace)

    • Our exclusive video content

    • Tutorials, teacher resources and curriculum adaptations/extensions

    • Ongoing online and phone support

    • Engaging and empowering lesson plans and materials at every developmental level with content that includes:

      • Sex Trafficking (Middle School/High School/Adults)

      • Social Media Safety 

      • Healthy Relationships

      • Labor Trafficking (Middle School/High School/Adults)

      • Elementary Education

      • Community and Industry Specific Training


Bring the READY to Stand Curriculum™ to your school, organization, or community today!

READY To Stand Curriculum™ For Your School or Agency! 


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