Our Fees

We do not charge for our services. We believe that everyone needs to hear this message. Our funding comes from grants, individual donors, and business donors. If you able to offer a donation you will help us continue our ability to provide this message to youth, families, and industries.

Ways you can help:

  • Put on a fundraiser for Set Me Free Project.
    • For example: Some schools and businesses have a “jeans day” for the staff. The staff pays a fee to have the opportunity to wear jeans and the money raised can help Set Me Free Project.
  • Have your PTO/PTA support this message and Set Me Free Project.
  • Ask a corporation to sponsor this message and Set Me Free Project.
  • Pay for our travel expenses when we travel out of the Omaha metro.

We want to continue to provide this message at no charge. But in order to that we need your help! Click here to donate today!