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Do you believe that our youth recognizing their intrinsic value is worth less than $1 per child?

What a season! I don’t know about you, but, for me, summer flew by! We have been in the midst of our big and exciting changes and it’s time to share them with you! Here is my question for you:

Since the launch of The Set Me Free Project™ we have serviced multiple regions by delivering human trafficking prevention education. During that time, we have been reaching the community by sending our trained educators to each individual request to have personalized presentations with the attendees. We have always felt that this builds a strong connection with the audience and a captivating atmosphere despite the topics we teach. Because of our charismatic approach to teaching about tough subjects, and our ability to help our students utilize critical thinking skills, we became well sought after by schools through word of mouth. Due to the immense support we have received throughout the years, we knew we needed to pivot the organization to accommodate the requests pouring in. It is essential to re-strategize our approach in order to successfully accomplish our mission: to stop human trafficking before it starts. We understand the power of community involvement in aiding prevention, and we need to expand the capacity of our curriculum to include all allies that want to join the fight against human trafficking. FOR THE FIRST TIME we now have options to purchase our curriculum! That includes being personally trained by one of our experts, support from our team for a year, and the ability to personalize our curriculum to each school’s or agency’s needs. This will increase the ability to reach youth all over the country. Intrinsic value is the foundation of our curriculum, and it is a significant component that makes us stand out from other organizations. Imagine having a school full of youth that recognize their intrinsic value and the value of those around them. Imagine how that could change a single student, a single teacher, a single school. Imagine. The Set Me Free Project offers our curriculum for youth, K-12, college age, and adults in every facet of the community. What if we could get this amazing curriculum in the hands of every counselor, social worker, teacher in the nation? Imagine. Do you believe that human trafficking, social media safety, and healthy relationship prevention education is worth less than $1 per child? So do we.

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