When our educators walk through a classroom door, enter a meeting room, or turn on our webcams, our goal is to educate, empower, and inspire our audiences to take action. Human Trafficking is a preventable crime, and we will not stop until it does. 

Rising to the challenges the past year has presented, The Set Me Free Project continues our mission of providing prevention education to youth, family, and community groups both in-person and online. We cannot, however, do this work without your support.  

This giving season, let’s challenge ourselves to do more than give our well-wishes, let’s give education. Let’s give empowerment. Let’s give hope.  

​​Your donation to The Set Me Free Project this giving season will give educational programs that empower youth to make safer decisions, educate parents and guardians how to create safety planning strategies with their children, and train social service agencies, businesses, and community groups to recognize and respond to signs of human trafficking. As Omaha Gives will no longer take place in 2021, Giving Tuesday on December 1st is the perfect time to make your impact on our communities by making a charitable donation for the giving season. 

Give hope by making a donation to The Set Me Free Project on December 1st for Giving Tuesday. 



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