The Set Me Free Project believes that the foundation of preventing children from becoming either victims or perpetrators of human trafficking begins in Elementary School. With a focus on Social Emotional Learning, students in 3rd-5th grades learn about Empathy, Responsibility and Safety, in lessons designed to engage, inform, and promote the understanding that every human being has intrinsic value and is deserving of respect.  Responsible online choices, cyberbullying, and social media safety address the need to educate students of every age about Digital Safety.

Middle School

Middle School is an exciting and transformative time for students, however it is also a period of increased vulnerability. The Set Me Free Project's Middle School Curriculum presents information on Value and Self Image, Social Media Safety, and Human Trafficking, while engaging and empowering middle grade students. Our developmentally appropriate lessons and content provide students with the knowledge and power to stay
safe and healthy.

High School

Our High School curriculum provides students with honest and engaging prevention education designed to help students stay as safe and informed as possible. High School students learn about all facets of Human Trafficking including Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships, The Grooming Process, and Social Media Safety as it relates to trafficking prevention. Students leave our presentations informed and empowered to protect themselves and others from
ever seeing the dark
of sex trafficking.



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