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Jonathan Larsen

Comedy for Change The Set Me Free Project Jonathan Larsen

Photos to come! Keep your eyes open
on this page for pictures from the event. 

And thank you to our amazing talent, Jonathan Larsen, Sabrina Townsend and Moody Molavi! 

Jonathan Larsen is the President and CEO of Larsen & Larsen Auction Company which specializes in fundraising auctions as well as premier consulting services for non-profit clients. Jonathan helps exceed fundraising goals, while offering a wide variety of practical strategies for revenue enhancement.

Jonathan has worked with organizations all over the country helping them achieve their financial goals. He also holds educational seminars to help organizations plan their events.

Jonathan attended the Professional Ringman Institute in San Jose, CA and Received his PRI designation as Professional Ring Man.
Jonathan was awarded the Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) designation from the National Auctioneers Association . It is a 3-year course and the highest designation an auctioneer can receive. He was awarded the honorary title of Colonel from the Missouri Auction School.

Jonathan is a member of the South Dakota and Nebraska Auctioneers Associations. He hosts an event with great professionalism, wit and charm, and he has an amazing talent for drawing a crowd into a program while keeping a continual flow of excitement.

Jonathan resides in Sioux Falls, with his wife Rachel and four children, Phoebe, Elliott,Amelia, & Everett.


Moody Molavi

Award winning comedian Moody Molavi is a tsunami on stage! His high-energy and animated story-telling mannerisms are unforgettable as he breaks down his incalculable family tree. Born in Iran, but now living in Tennessee, he has had to learn how to dig his way out of a multitude of holes on two continents.

He is known for Dry Bar Comedy (2019) and Stand Up Nashville! (2020).

Born in Iran to an Iranian father and an American mother, Moody Molavi found at an early age how to read the comedic moment in any situation. His family moved to the Southern U.S. in 1981, where Moody used his funny personality to escape multitudes of adverse moments in his young life. Moody was bullied by Iranians for being an American and by Americans for being an Iranian. This actually still happens to him on a regular basis as an adult.
Moody is a comic, who is also a Christian. He is married to his high school sweetheart, who later became his step-sister through the marriage of their parents to each other. That’s where the fun begins as Moody skillfully shares his life experiences as an Iranian Southern Bapti-costal Uncle Daddy! 
People experience an entire range of emotions trying to profile him when they hear that description. It’s really best to sit back and enjoy the ride because you really have no idea where it will take you. However, you can confidently expect that anytime you spend with him will be unforgettable! 
Moody loves to make everyone he meets leave a little happier than before they met him. His goal is to be a single light in a dark world by using his humor as his flame with hopes to spark the same goal for the people he meets along his journey through life. 

Sabrina Townsend

Sabrina Townsend.jpg

Sabrina Townsend is known for her ability to comfort and calm a room based on the little-known fact that she is a trained psychologist who moonlights as a podcaster, speaker, wedding officiant and much more. Her dynamic voice has been heard on radio, television, conference stages, track meets, church, and most impressively, “reminding her son to do his chores”. She is an influencer to many and loves to leave you with pearls of wisdom from her expansive life. In her free time she enjoys reading, traveling, and listening to live music. Although her home base is Dallas, TX she is willing to travel the globe to share her many gifts.

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